Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hey - It's me again!

Yep, it's cliche but it's true, we've been busy.  First and foremost, we hosted Easter lunch this year.  I worried about how to arrange seating for the 20 peeps that were coming but I stuffed 12 people in our tiny dining room, then10 more in the kitchen and amazingly, it worked!  A post picture of the dining room as some folks enjoy dessert.

Afterwards we moved outside for a kids egg hunt in the backyard.

Prior to the egghunt, Avery was wearing Nathan's construction goggles.  She was so comfortable in them, she left them on during the egghunt.  hahaha!

The adults enjoyed the nice weather while we sat outside watching the kids.  Clear skies, mid-seventies.  Perfect.  :o)

That was our Easter!