Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home Video Time!

A friend of mine...(Lynn Staffeldt) casually left a note on my Facebook that I had not added anything new to my blogsite in a I thought I would play catch up and post some videos that I've been meaning to put up....

Here is a video of Nathan dancing at home. I had put a folded blanket on the floor and it suddenly became Nathan's little platform to dance on, what you faintly hear in the background is the music he is dancing to and what you can clearly hear in the background is Greg & Josh playing some made up game of throwing 3 balls in the air.

Here is a video of Nathan and I playing baseball as only a toddler can. Nathan likes to hold the bat and he knows the ball is supposed to hit the bat but he just doesn't have the motor skill to swing the bat yet, so what you will see is me counting off and then intentionally throwing the ball so it hits the bat!

Here is a video of our young and upcoming drummer, sitting on Greg's throne and playing the big boy drums, oddly though, he seems like a good drummer to me as if he knows what he's doing. Maybe that's just my mommy pride coming out though.

Last but not least, here is a video of Greg playing with The Rock Eternal church, where our friend Josh leads worship: