Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to ME. And maybe to you.

Happy Mother's ME.

Here's to a toast to ME - for being a GOOD mom.
To ME - for the hours I've watched Backyardigans. 
Dora the Explorer.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Chuggington. And more.

To ME - for playing along with "You, the kitty cat, I'm the Lion".
"You the David, I'm the Goliath."  "You the good guy, I'm the bad guy."

To ME for knowing the difference between Percy, James, Toby, Gordon and Thomas the Train.

To ME - for waking up at 4:30 am again because that's when YOU wake up.
To ME - for cleaning up the nasty floor under your chair for the thousandth time.
To ME - for remembering your snack, your drink, your clothes, your baby wipes, your game and your books - every time we go out. 

Here's to me - for the mom I never thought I could be.
Here's to me - for the patience I never thought I would have.
Here's to me - for the selfless love, I never thought I'd understand - 
until now.

(Metaphorically raising my glass)
Here's to ME.  Happy Mother's Day!!

(And to offset any thoughts you may have about my being completely self centered,
here's a toast to some other moms I am fond of.)

Happy Mother's my mom, a survivor. No matter what circumstances she's ever faced, she has always forged ahead fighting the good fight, never giving up - not in her faith and most of all, not in people.
She has shown me what faith means, not because she talked about it but because she lived it.

Happy Mother's my stepmom, a bulldozer.
Even though she has a petite 4'11" frame and barely weighs 100 lbs, she's a bulldozer
and she can take you out! She loves her kids and grandkids with a ferocity that only a mom can have.

Happy Mother's my mother-in-law, who exemplified unconditional love, no exceptions,
no matter the distance, no matter the inconvenience, no matter what.
(This picture was taken just 2 months before Jacque's stroke.)

Happy Mother's my friend Donna, a very wise mom.
You can bank on any advice she gives, she will always point you in the right direction.

Happy Mother's my friend Elaine, who is so considerate and thoughtful.
It's always in the details - the little things that are not so little at the end of the day.

 Happy Mother's my friend Becky, who speaks from experience as a
working mom and understands a side of my life that others cannot.

Happy Mother's my friend Randi, the Doc.
She knows how to fix and treat every ailment or illness a kid will come down with.

Happy Mother's my friend Courtney,
who displays a tenderness and sweetness with her children that is unrivaled by anyone I know.

Happy Mother's my friend Traci, who does not apologize
for disciplining her kids and teaching them to be responsible for themselves. 

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day... to my online friend, CK. 
Author of Bad Mommy Moment's who brings gut level honesty
intertwined with humor to this life of mine as a mom.

Happy Mother's Day everyone
I hope you have a nice day!